Monday, May 27, 2013

Guest Blogger: Sofia Katherine Photography

Hello Blog Readers! Marisa was nice enough to ask me to write a guest blog post about how your makeup effects a photo-shoot so here we go! There are so many reasons to get your makeup and hair done for a photo-shoot but the most important reason is confidence. The key to a good photo-shoot is to be comfortable on camera and it is not always the easiest, but fabulous makeup and hair will help! It is just one less thing you have to worry about that day. Another reason to get your makeup done professionally is so that your makeup artist can ensure to use proper photo and flash friendly products. There are some foundations that will actually reflect light because of the SPF that is in it. The main ingredient, which is zinc, will actually make you look washed out when a photographer uses flashes or lights on you. Not all photographers use flashes in their work but if you are booking me, then you definitely want to make sure there is no SPF in your foundation! Most good photographers will want to capture a good photograph right out of their camera. This is called SOOC (Straight out of camera) and means no editing has been done to the image yet. I personally try to capture my images SOOC and that way there is little or minimal editing to do later. This means making sure my client’s skin is looking its best before a photo-shoot. I do not agree with “fixing” images in Photoshop after shoots unless it is literally impossible to fix it before. This will save a lot of time and effort for your photographer if your makeup artist makes sure your foundation looks flawless.
Here is an interesting photo-shoot overview:
You pay hundreds of dollars for a photo-shoot, even over a few hundred if it is a wedding or larger photo-shoot.
You buy an outfit, a new dress, and new clothes for the family or even if it’s your wedding, a wedding gown.
You invest your time into a photo-shoot. A half a day getting ready, getting the family ready or if it’s a wedding, probably a whole year went into getting the date ready.
You are going to print the images, order prints, or order products with the photos. These photos will be hung in frames in your home which you will buy and have forever.
So why skimp out on getting your makeup done? After all of the above investment into your photo-shoot does $50-100 really matter? If it means you will look that much more amazing?

It’s a no brainer. Definitely consider getting your makeup done professionally for a photo-shoot or at least get some advice on using the right professional products suitable for photography.
XOXO Sofia Katherine

Thanks Sofia for your awesome input! Everyone can go check out her page:

Here are a few photos I have been privileged to work with Sofia on

I also got to be the model for Sofia and Makeup Artist: Natasha Soloway in the pics below! 
Sofia always does amazing work :)

Don't forget if you are going to a fabulous event, make sure you take time to get your hair and makeup done :)

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