Thursday, May 23, 2013

Color Correcting

Have a breakout that came out of the blue? Its okay, by using color correcting techniques you can cover up pretty much anything! You can cover up acne, dark circles or bags underneath eyes, tattoos, pretty much any mark! 

First tone and moisturize your face. Then grab the green and put it directly on the red spots(don't blend all the way in, should see some green still). Then put concealer or cover up on top of it. Blend :)

You can get this awesome product here!

 Counteracts redness in the skin. The perfect color corrector for people with rosacea or red spots on face. Great for covering acne or sudden breakouts. 

Peach/ Salmon:
Perfect for people who have more visible darkness under the eyes.  Also great to conceal bruising and freckles or hyperpigmentation.

Counteracts sallow/yellowed skin. The perfect color corrector for people who have a bit too much yellow in their skin. Lilac will brighten up skin!

Counteracts lilac or purple to blue undertones. Great for covering up tattoos.

Counteracts blueish tones and brightens. Perfect for people who have visible veins on the skin or underneath the eyes. 

Color correcting is so important, the picture below is a great example of the differences that color correcting can do. It can help make your skin look flawless. 

I hope you learned a little bit more about color correcting and I hope you go out and try it :) Enjoy guys! 

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