Monday, October 28, 2013

Goals for Eye Shapes

Have you ever been frustrated with your eye shape? Well there is nothing really that you can do about it but try to work with them the best you can! Here are a couple tips for different eye shapes that you can try.

Deep set: Goal is to bring eyelid forward using lighter colors and recede brown bone threw shading with matte neutral-tone (brown or taupe). Avoid extending eye shadow too far out of crease as it can make eyes appear down turned.


Wide set: Goal is to bring eyes closer together. Using med neutral matte tone, inner crease. Refrain from wing liner, as it will draw eyes further apart. Instead, line eyes around entire eye. Can also fill in brows to be closer together if too far apart.


Mature/Aging Eyes: Goal is to make eyes appear more open and lifted, use all matte tones, neutral. When applying shadow in the crease makes sure eyes are open and not lifted with a finger to ensure that the crease isn’t too high or low.

Protruding: Goal is to flatten eye and push back wing, darker smokey eye affect, lining around entire eye. Use thick liner.


Close set eyes: Goal is to pull eyes further apart by extending eye shadows beyond corner of eye lighter on inner corner of eyes.


Descending eyes: Goal is to life the eyes by placing eye shadow to grade slowly upwards over brow bone or fold of skin, in order to give the appearance of “pushing back“ the heaviness and getting rid of the droopy eye look.   

Hooded Eyes: Goal is to draw the focus upward. Shimmer on brow bone to help highlight. Create a crease with a darker color. Be sure to tightline to create the appearance of more open eyes. 


Monolid: Goal is to create crease contour with 3-tier effect, concentrating matte neutral color in crease of eyeball. Second look: Smokey eye; style where placement of the contour is ignored completely and shadow is shaded from darkest at the lash line and faded up under brow. A monolid doesn't have much of a crease so its important to try to create one. 


I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions! Thanks for stopping by!!! 

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  1. I think I have hooded eyes. They are so tricky. Love this post.


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